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Pacific Business Investments, Inc.


Pacific Business Investments is the leader in business brokerage, business consulting, business valuation and commercial sales


The associates at P. B.I. are professionals with over fourty years combined experience helping business owners market their companies.  


P. B. I. associates will relieve you of the difficult task of advertising, screening buyers calls, as well as all the numerous related duties and responsibilities allowing you, the Seller, to concentrate on continuing business operation duties.  The actual marketing and sale of your business is best accomplished by using a Business Broker.  P.B.I. associates will contact the qualified prospective buyers on your behalf, ensuring absolute discretion and confidentiality.


P.B.I. associates are experienced professionals specializing in the sale of businesses and are duly licensed by the Oregon Real Estate Commission.


Choosing an Pacific Business Investments associate to represent you assures you of professional high standard ethical conduct and confidentiality, before, during, and after the sale.




Eddie "ed" WELLS

Born in the coal mining country of western Virginia and transplanted to the State of Oregon in 1959 at age 13, I have resided here since. I went to high school in Gold Beach and bought my first business in 1971, a grocery store in Oakridge, another in Medford, and finally 3 more in the Eugene area. I became employed as a full time business broker in January of 1978 and worked four years before opening my own brokerage business, Oregon Business Properties, Inc. which I have operated since that date and plan to continue in this industry. I have recently launched a new brokerage business, Pacific Business Investments, Inc. During these years I have utilized specialized training from the International Business Brokers Association (IBBA) and formerly received the CBI accreditation. I have been licensed with the State of Oregon as a real estate broker since 1978. I have listed and sold an estimated 1,750 businesses with a high success rate. I am very happy with my profession and wish to continue working with buyers, sellers and their respective legal teams! Thank you!


Head Office Manager

Teresa burns

I am a lifelong resident of Oregon. I grew up in Oregon City and moved to the Eugene area in 1977. My free time is consumed by active grandkids and dance recitals and competitions, like football, basketball, baseball, track and cross country (watching only of course). I have worked with Ed Wells as the office manager at Oregon Business Properties for 17 years. I am very excited to join him on his new adventure at Pacific Business Investments, Inc. Most of my work time is spent on property management. I love my job and the relationships I have with our tenants.

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