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L-112 Convenience Grocery/Gas/Home  This is a very long-established location which has been in operation since 1920.   It offers gasoline sales with all the upgraded tanks and monitored fuel product surveillance.   The store offers the normal convenience store products.   The store has retained the original wooden floors and has a lot of “old time” character.   Seller is a corporation.   Sale is to be an asset sale.  


This business is situated on a major highway near a large recreation-based area.  It has easy access and egress to the very adequate paved parking and fuel area.  The store is surrounded by a small community.  It is within a short drive of Springfield and Eugene.

The sale price is $395,000 including real property + the value of the inventory which is estimated to be $20-25,000 at retail less 28% on all tobacco products plus cost for all supplies and fuel.  It requires $85,000 plus cost of inventory in cash down at closing.  With the balance payable in equal monthly installments of $2,530 including interest of 5.5% per annum. Contact Ed Wells -


L-108 WHOLESALE FOOD MANUFACTURING- This food product business has been open since 1992 and has been successfully operated since that date.  The current owner has owned and operated it beginning July 2008.  It is very clean, well-organized and "shows" extremely well.  There are currently 500+ customers.  This is a wholesale business primarily with very limited retail.  


The sales price is $375,000 plus the inventory which is estimated to be approximately $100,000 (at sellers cost).  It requires $100,000 plus the inventory in cash down at closing with the balance payable in equal monthly installments of $2,985 including interest of 5.5% (This is a seller carry contract over a 10 year period) Contact Ed Wells -


Tel: 541-654-0929

Fax: 541-653-9785


1717 Centennial Blvd, Unit #13

Springfield Oregon, 97477

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